Three Positive Things – June 2021

Anticipation, BTS and the Legacy of Alex Trebek Anticipation – Dan’s Coming Home! I can hardly believe it, but we haven’t seen our son Dan in about a year-and-a-half. But our little boy (our six-foot tall, 25-year-old, going toward a doctorate, living in his own apartment down in Austin, TX, with his wonderful girlfriend ‘little … Continue reading Three Positive Things – June 2021

Three Positive Things – May 2021

Picture-Perfect Poodle Puppy Fun (Sorry, couldn’t resist the alliterative headline!) We ventured away from Long Island for one of the few times since the start of the pandemic and had such a wonderful time recently, remarking on the freedom of crossing the Whitestone Bridge to distant lands. Well, just to Yonkers, which is a little … Continue reading Three Positive Things – May 2021

Three Positive Things – April 2021

  Basant Kite-Flying Festival I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work at Stony Brook University since last March (2020) and I love everything about this college and its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The one thing missing, for me and everyone, of course, has been the normal vibrancy of a college campus overflowing … Continue reading Three Positive Things – April 2021

Three Positive Things – February 2021

Hi again everyone. Back again for three more positive things this February 2021 – from the land of snow and cold in the Northeast and with the intention of sending love this Valentine’s Day weekend! Nicest Story Ever?!!! O.k., get ready for a story that is one of those that will restore, or at least … Continue reading Three Positive Things – February 2021

Do It or List It … and a Look at Generational Differences

I’ve been making lists for as long as I remember. To Do Lists. Favorite movie and book lists. Lists of friends. Long-range plan and objective lists. Even lists of future blogs I want to write. I find If I can’t get to something – or don’t think I’ll remember it – a list does the … Continue reading Do It or List It … and a Look at Generational Differences