Three Positive Things – July/August 2021

Hey everyone and sorry for my absence in July. I’ve been super busy with some things at home and work, and realize that there are two things that can get in the way of doing all you want to do, for me anyway. And they are time and energy. Lately, both have been in somewhat short supply … or at least, I’ve needed to channel them toward a couple of things: a great, but pretty challenging and time-consuming job, and helping my mom make some transitions to a better, safer living arrangement that we all feel really good about.

This blog has meant so much to me over the past few years. It’s been a creative outlet. It’s been a therapeutic way to voice my feelings and viewpoints. It’s been a way to share what’s on my mind, and a really gratifying experience to hear from some readers and followers that they ‘get’ what I’m saying and sharing: from the deep to the ridiculous, at times! And, as daughter Jamie will roll her eyes at (if she’s read past the first paragraph here), I consider this a memoir of sorts and remind her, a little too often, where the paper files and binder are in my closet, for posterity’s sake. I know, a little overblown, but it’s really the one place where I’ve written and compiled so many things that mean so much to me … chief among them, family and friends with whom I get to share life’s up and downs.

As I’ve blogged, I’m an ‘all or nothing’ person in a lot of ways. And if I commit to do something, I want to see it through. But I find I need to cut back on some things I really love, for now anyway, including a monthly blogpost. That’s because I can’t, and won’t, just throw some quick things out there and, honestly, the writing is the least of it … just putting together images and going through all the technological mechanics can be a little draining (especially for someone who spends hours upon hours in front of a screen at work).

I may still blog from time to time and hope you’ll catch what I send out. Also, if you want to follow me on social media I’d be flattered. (I don’t ‘tweet’ or ‘Instagram’ all that much, but my handles, if you’re interested, are: ellen.cooke (Instagram) and @EllenCooke2014 (Twitter).

In the meantime, and in the interest of keeping to my promise of sharing three positive things each month in these challenging times, here are 18 things I wish for all of us (three for each of the last six months of 2021). Thanks for reading and hope to communicate again here, or in some other way, soon!

Flower collage I created from pics taken on a recent Sunday walk at Heckscher Park in Huntington
  1. Health
  2. Happiness
  3. Friendship
  4. Support
  5. Fulfillment
  6. Love
  7. Perspective
  8. Grace
  9. Strength
  10. Resilience
  11. Sunshine
  12. Flowers
  13. Peace
  14. Relaxation
  15. Inspiration
  16.  People to look up to
  17. Things to believe in
  18. Hope for a brighter, easier future

2 thoughts on “Three Positive Things – July/August 2021

  1. Always love seeing your blogs. I’m usually a month or so behind. As you’ve said: sometimes life gets crazy busy! Good luck with your Mom. Call me if you need anything or just an ear. I’ve been down that road many times before. Stay safe . Xoxo


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