Three Positive Things – February 2021

Hi again everyone. Back again for three more positive things this February 2021 – from the land of snow and cold in the Northeast and with the intention of sending love this Valentine’s Day weekend! Nicest Story Ever?!!! O.k., get ready for a story that is one of those that will restore, or at least … Continue reading Three Positive Things – February 2021

Seeing My Long Island Home through Fresh Eyes

Greetings blog followers and hope you're having a GREAT summer! In case you didn't see - or even if you did - I'm sharing here my original, unedited version of the 'Expressway' essay Long Island's Newsday published last Sunday (July 7) ... complete with never-before-seen photos! O.k. I'm being dramatic for effect, but hope you … Continue reading Seeing My Long Island Home through Fresh Eyes

Florida, unplugged

I just finished a fabulous book - The Power of Off: The Mindful Way to Stay Sane in a Virtual World. And just in time for a short vacation in Florida, where I took Nancy Colier's words to heart and 'mind'! My main takeaways: - Take some time to look beyond the small screen to … Continue reading Florida, unplugged