Three Positive Things – April 2021

  Basant Kite-Flying Festival I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work at Stony Brook University since last March (2020) and I love everything about this college and its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The one thing missing, for me and everyone, of course, has been the normal vibrancy of a college campus overflowing … Continue reading Three Positive Things – April 2021

The healing power of corned beef on rye (for dad & me)*

My dad – Marvin Epstein – is 83 years old. Recently, he fell and broke his hip and for the past week, he’s been in bed at a Dix Hills rehabilitation facility, somewhat incoherent and agitated from pain meds. The other evening, my mom had plans to go into NYC with a friend and I … Continue reading The healing power of corned beef on rye (for dad & me)*