Three Positive Things – February 2021

Hi again everyone. Back again for three more positive things this February 2021 – from the land of snow and cold in the Northeast and with the intention of sending love this Valentine’s Day weekend!

Nicest Story Ever?!!!

O.k., get ready for a story that is one of those that will restore, or at least renew, your faith in humankind (with an emphasis on the word ‘kind’). It did for me anyway. And it goes like this …

My mom was up all night a few nights ago trying to block out that really irritating chirping your smoke alarm makes when it’s low on batteries. On top of that, it was actually calling out ‘Low Battery’, again, all night long. First thing in the morning, she called the local volunteer fire department (actually, all firefighters on Long Island are volunteers and most are absolutely wonderful). Someone came, replaced the battery and she was set.

The next afternoon, she came home to another one of her smoke alarms calling out for batteries. She again called the fire department and while someone came, they were a little annoyed, asked if she could call someone else next time and simply handed her the old, kind of custom battery she’d need to replace. (Obviously, that’s not the really nice part yet.)

I did tell mom she could have just called on Jim or me but, regardless, she was going to go to the store the next afternoon and pick up the new battery, which Jim would then easily install for her. But before she even got to that point, she heard her doorbell ring and the first firefighter, who had originally replaced the first battery, was there, telling her he was glad to help. He had been in her senior housing development helping another neighbor and stopped by to replace her second battery and reinstall the detector. Not only that, George the local volunteer firefighter gave my mother his cell phone number and said she could call him any time – the same agreement he had with the other neighbor of mom’s. He would not accept the money my mom tried to give him either. He said he just wanted to help.

It nearly brings me to (happy) tears every time I think of this not-so-random act of true kindness, especially toward older individuals, who have given so much to others in their lives and sometimes just need, and deserve, a little helping hand and a gesture of kindness.

Mom and Lucy
Speaking of mom, my second positive thing this month has to do with her and my cat, Lucy. With the pandemic keeping me working at home for a good part of the last year, mom has been a frequent lunch guest. But the real relationship that has solidified is not so much mom and me (who are so close anyway) but mom and Luce. And my mom will somewhat jokingly tell her – also while I’m within earshot! – that “I tell mom I’m here to see her, but I’m really here for you.” I’m good with that.

Lucy and my mom have bonded in ways that are not just heartwarming, but I think life-enriching and fortifying for both of them. At nearly 16 years old, Lucy and brother Will don’t get around like they used to (although even the way they ‘used to’ still involved about 16 hours of cat naps a day!). But seriously, Lucy’s worsening diabetes and other health issues have caused us a lot of concerns, vet visits and medicine adjustments over the past few months. But when mom – or ‘Grammy,’ to her – comes over, she instantly perks up, jumps up on the kitchen table (admittedly sometimes to ‘share’ water from her glass – always a unique treat) to hang out with us. She will then go right up on her lap where they will both alternately watch and sleep during whatever little TV show we might sneak in before I go back upstairs to work.

We both tell Lucy she has to live forever (Will too) as she has the sweetest little soul. And she clearly has some nursing/therapy/care cat left in her with the joy she brings to all of us and maybe mom, most of all. Mom will be sitting in that comfy chair, afghan arranged just right so the leather isn’t too cold, Lucy on her lap and say, “This feels like heaven being here with you and her.” I’m not sure if she’s talking to Lucy or me but either way, I will take it and I’m so grateful for those moments.

Snow at Sunken Meadow
Always, but especially during these continuing pandemic times (and the long, cold days of winter), nature revives me. This morning’s walk on the Sunken Meadow (North Shore Long Island Sound beach) boardwalk was quite beautiful and exhilarating. In hindsight, I’m glad I snapped the photos here to share with you, but I can hardly express how much it hurt my hands to take off my gloves to do so!!! Also, I felt the ‘Swimming Prohibited’ sign was a little unnecessary but, in any case, you didn’t have to tell me twice!

Anyway, those are my three positive things for February. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Stay healthy, safe and well until we ‘blog’ again. As always, look forward to hearing from YOU.

3 thoughts on “Three Positive Things – February 2021

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mom stories, and GEORGE! and of course LUCY. Thank God for people like george out there to help the older people in our communities. People like him hold a special place in my heart. I was always thankful to the people that were kind to my mom (91).
    Thank you for sharing those stories and for taking off your gloves for those beautiful pics!


  2. Ellen your story about your mom reminded me of my mom. While we were at work she would come over to make dinner, dessert and do whatever laundry was in the laundry room. The highlight of her visit was her time with Brewster our beloved Golden Retriever. What ever she made Brewster got some too. He would perch on the top of the love seat (80+ lbs)that gave him the perfect
    view to her dinner project. When she came on Sunday for our “real meal” of the week she sat on the side where the love seat was to “sneak” morsels of dinner with her buddy. Thanks for your story. You are blessed to have your mom. I so miss my mom but have wonderful memories of her unending love and kindness . Love from here to you and the family.


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