A tale of N Carolina

”It was the best of times. It was the worst of times” ... 2017 was that kind of year for me. Sharp contrasts ranged from heathcare issues, to joyous family occasions (like my niece’s wedding up in Holiday Valley). From my cat Lucy suffering sudden severe diabetes, to (miraculously) being diabetes-free a couple of weeks … Continue reading A tale of N Carolina

Ellen DeGeneres & my sneaker obsession

Nikes & Reeboks & Vans, oh my ... I've always been a Tomboy. Still am, if that means staying active, playing sports, shunning makeup for the most part, and running around in sneakers and casual clothes. Back in the '70s as a teen, when male teen idols like my first crush, David Cassidy,* wore 'long shag' … Continue reading Ellen DeGeneres & my sneaker obsession