Happiness matters!

There’s a beautiful framed sign in the first stall of the Stop & Shop restroom in East Northport, NY that says: “Those who have the light inside them can’t help but shine it on others.” That little sign always inspires me … even more than the other sign outside the restroom that says, “Do not bring unpaid merchandise into the restroom.”

Seriously, my thought of the day is that happiness matters … a lot! When you have that ‘light’ inside you, you can inspire others. You can work better and play harder. You can be a positive role model. You can even write an awesome song like Pharrell Williams about being ‘a room without a roof‘. You have energy to use and share.


I recently read a book called Resisting Happiness, where Matthew Kelly talks about how we tend to underrate happiness, even sabotage it. He talks about three things that energize and fulfill him … walking, praying and writing. Yet almost every day he wakes up and says, “Oh man, do I have to walk today? I can write tomorrow.” Every day, he has to break through the mental obstacles that get in his way.

Not getting opportunities (I thought) I wanted at work was sapping my energy and getting in my way. Till I read the best part of the book, which says to ask yourself  four questions every day – Who am I? Why am I here? What matters to me? And – most importantly – What doesn’t matter?

I realized I don’t really want the things I was feeling deprived of. And I really don’t want to focus on negative people who make me unhappy. I want to focus on what drives and motivates me. The rest will fall into place.


Two other ‘h‘ words I find can get you through anything are to keep your sense of humor, always, and to have a big heart. You deserve to be happy and do what inspires you (and others around you). We all do. And it can make the whole world a better place when we all have energy to spare and happiness to share.

Another great book* I recently read says, “It’s better to be happy than right.” And Sheryl Crow sings, “If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad!” … depends on the ‘it’ but you get the idea!

*You Are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero – fantastic and a life changer for me!

Watch for my next blog … Driving happiness (my ‘go to’ homemade CD for the car)


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