Driving happiness

Have I mentioned that I’m not that ‘techy’? If I was, I might know how to share a music playlist you could actually download and play. As it is, I’m going to share the names of the songs (and artists) I had my son Dan put together for an old-school mix CD I’m crazy about … one of my current ‘go to’ homemade CDs for the car. I call it ‘Driving Happiness‘ and I hope you get the double meaning!

It came to me on a really early morning trip to work for an offsite meeting. I decided to play DJ in the car, picking out and playing my favorite songs on a bunch of new CDs* I had bought. (Please don’t try that in the car as I admit it was distracted driving and won’t do it again!) In any case, these songs truly make me happy, hope they do for you too:

  1. Sam Bush – Play by your own rules
  2. Sheryl Crow – Shotgun
  3. George Ezra – Blame it on me
  4. Glen Hansard – Winning streak
  5. Squeeze – Happy days
  6. Ed Sheeran – Thinking out loud
  7. Counting Crows – Earthquake diver
  8. Harry Connick, Jr – Every time I fall in love
  9. Trigger Hippy – Rise up singing with you
  10. Keith Urban – Fly with me
  11. Hunter Hayes – Storm warning
  12. John Mayer – Wildfire
  13. Motown, the Musical – Happy birthday/ Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours (‘Stevie Wonder’)
  14. The Strokes – You talk way too much
  15. Bruce Springsteen – Does this bus stop at 82nd street?
  16. REM – Shiny happy people
  17. Robert Earl Keen – Hard Amarillo Highway (live version)
  18. The Allman Brothers – Jessica
  19. Van Morrison – Into the Mystic
  20. Pharrell Williams – The happy song

CD Shelf pic

*Not sure if this is a ‘fun fact’ or just embarrassing – but I have more than 500 CDs neatly arranged and organized on home-assembled pretty IKEA shelves, alphabetically and by genre! I also have the list in an evolving Word doc

My next blog: The healing power of corned beef on rye (for my dad and me)


2 thoughts on “Driving happiness

  1. Great song list Ellen. Thanks for sharing it with us! Wow, amazing CD collection. I could sure use a few tips from you on organizing – maybe that’s another blog topic?


    1. Thanks Lois … but YOU are the Queen of organization to me!!! We will have to compare notes but I’m still impressed when you shared one time how you prepare for entertaining at home!


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