My 2020 AAAs

O.k. so not my most original idea, but to kick off 2020, I’d like to share my New Year’s Resolutions. Just eight words: Eat less/exercise more; worry less/sleep more.

Have a great year!


Seriously, that’s my shortlist. On a deeper level, I have three ‘guiding principles’ I’m hoping I can live up to this year and beyond. Check them out and please watch for many more blogs (an ‘aspiration’ of mine, for sure). Happy New Year and New Decade, Y’all!

AAccept – I read it in a book and this year, I’m going to try hard to follow something that sounds so simple, but can be so hard. Accept everyone for exactly who they are. Start from that basic idea – that you can influence or affect people, but you can’t inherently change them. Be your best self and do your best work, regardless of how others around you might be and behave. Try to understand where they might be coming from. Along the same lines, I will try to accept myself, just as I am. I often have to change the ‘Golden Rule’ around as I tend to go easier on others, than myself!

AAdapt – This goes along the lines of having a good attitude (the ‘A’ word I really was getting at, but I needed a verb, not a noun). It’s a familiar theme, I know: It’s not what happens to you but how you react and respond. In 2020, I’m going to try to remind myself of that, even – or especially – when I’m confronted with pressure I want so badly to just act on quickly, impulsively and probably recklessly.

AAspire – I’ve saved my best for last. As I wrote last year, I’m learning, more and more, that we are all works in progress. And I love that. If we were already ‘complete’ and ‘perfect’, what would be the point of moving on? And if we believe we’re already complete and perfect, we’re deceiving ourselves, right? None of us is, none of us is meant to be, and the smartest geniuses on earth have been quoted to say they don’t know more than they know. So I will aspire to be my best self, no expectations for perfection, just steps in the right direction, I hope.

Those, in a nutshell, are my Triple As for 2020.
Share your New Year’s Resolution(s)?

2020 New Year

3 thoughts on “My 2020 AAAs

  1. Very wonderful thought to live by   you ,my darling, just have to be yourself’ that is better than most and I mean that , not because you are my daughter,  Mom


  2. Thanks for the “aspiration!” I like the concept of personal evolution as a benchmark for our understanding of the human “condition,” And, as a motivator to continue “the quest” forward.


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