So many blogs, not enough time!

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Hey blog readers,

Life has been getting in the way of me writing/sharing blogs with you the past couple of weeks, which I’m pretty frustrated about!

I’m coming off a rough patch, most notably with our cat Lucy suddenly becoming diabetic again. Endless trips to the vet, tears and fears have filled the last week or so, along with some other things going on in other areas.

The really good news is I think (paws crossed!) our miracle cat is on the road to recovery, again, as evidenced by the fact that she seems to be back on the job as my assistant, ‘helping’ me write this little interim blog. (She’s not quite on laundry duty again yet, but I’ll give her a little leeway on that!)

Anyway, this is just a quick note to say I have so many blogs on my mind that are totally ready to go from head to computer … just need a little more time and energy. Please stick with me and I plan to share an exploration of my  ‘all or nothing’ tendencies within the next few weeks. Hope you can relate and, until then, hope all is well with you!

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