The blog remains the same

imagesHi everyone.

As I hinted about in my last blog, I’m going through a pretty major transition in my work life right now. Basically, I’m in the midst of finishing off my current job at my current company; looking for a new one; exploring and educating myself on all kinds of severance, retirement and benefits details and options; and, of course, suffering through a really bad cold. Undoubtedly, at least in part, from being pretty overwhelmed! (I’ll explain more to friends when I see or talk to them, but corporate cutbacks, unfortunately, affect a lot of us and I’m one of the most recently affected.)

The good news is I am excited for a new start in some ways too. And, I have loads more I want – and plan – to blog about, starting in just about a couple of weeks (when I have a little more breathing space). So please stick with me? My blog will remain the same, just with a new, personal email address behind it so I can still see, and respond, to your comments.

Here’s a small taste of just a few topics I’ll start off with:

Work each day as if it’s your last – My lessons-learned from recent experiences

He IS the entertainer – Billy Joel ROCKED Madison Square Garden in April in one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen

Color my moods – I’m the person nobody ever wants to play Pictionary with. Can’t draw but can color like nobody’s business

That’s it for now. I know, my shortest blog ever. But please stay tuned …

5 thoughts on “The blog remains the same

  1. Ya da best El! And yes corporate cutback affect a lot of people in many ways but it won’t affect our friendship. Prove them wrong by going higher, getting stronger and becoming more successful. You have so many talents to share! And yes, you can color with the best!


  2. Hi: I’m sorry to hear you have been going through such a tough time. Wanted to let you know Dan was one of those people that were laid off from national Grid. He did get a good severance deal & already has a new job. He said after 34 years started with Lilco…. he thought he’d retire from there. In the long run… he’s happy with it, less stressed out & wasn’t happy with the changes @ national grid… became more “cut throat.!” So hang in there… good luck.

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  3. Hang in there Ellen. I will certainly be watching and waiting for your next blog. As I’ve said before you have a gift. It will take you somewhere much better. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Best wishes for you.


  4. When “The Screen Door Slams” and “The Dogs On Main Street Howl” just remember “The Midnight Gang Assembles and Picked A Rendevous For The Night”, “Just Sit Back And Try To Recapture A Little Of The Glorier” and last but not least, “Tramps Like Us, Baby We Were Born To Run” !

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