Sorry, “Breaking News’ is an overstatement to get your attention (lol). I just wanted to update you all on a few of my blog posts last year …

Carrying Steve Irwin’s legacy forward
img_2496Last September, I wrote a tribute to my wildlife hero Steve Irwin, who died Labor Day weekend more than a decade ago. While I still mourn his loss, I was excited to see that Steve’s wife, Pam, and kids Bindi and Bob, are not just carrying his passion and torch forward, they’re back on Animal Planet TV where Steve made ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ a household name! Interestingly, and coincidentally, the show premiered the next month, October 28, 2018. Check it out at one of the links below, followed by the People magazine article featuring the Australian wildlife warrior family on the cover. The ‘Crikey’ show plays Sundays, 8pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the Northeast US.


[Shout out to follower Vicki from the UK – who kindly commented on last year’s post, saying she wanted to expose her young kids to Steve Irwin. That comment inspired me to share this news.]

Chewy to the rescue … again
As I highlighted in a blog post last April, has come to my cats’ rescue more times than I can name, making me believe great customer service is still out there – see the post. Just when I thought they couldn’t ‘up their game’ or impress me more, they did both. When I shared my blog post with them, different reps were emailing me back in their friendly, funny, ‘punny’ way and kept asking for pet pix. A few months later, I got a surprise package in the mail – hand-painted portraits of our family’s five cats, on small, ready-to-hang canvasses (which proudly hang on all their respective owners’ walls). I’m asking you – what other company does that?! (They actually sent seven portraits, with a couple of cats getting double-exposure.)


A short while after that, they fully and immediately refunded about $60 worth of food I mistakenly ordered for William, telling me to ‘do them a favor’ and donate it to a local shelter, rather than send it back.

In short, a great big thanks, and second shout out, to from me, William, Lucy, Clara, Louie and Abigail!

San Francisco fleece … back in action
img_2504About a week later, also last April, I wrote a ‘loving tribute’ to maybe my favorite article of clothing – my yellow, San Francisco fleece, for its comfort, durability and memory-filled ‘joy’* it carries. I’m stealing the word from new Feng Shui phenomenon Marie Kondo, who tells her followers to only keep those items of clothes that ‘spark joy’ when trying to ‘tidy up’ their closets and lives. And this one definitely does, as my blog post attests [click here for the post].

Here’s the irony … shortly after calling the trusty, 10+ year-old-fleece the best $20 I ever spent, the zipper broke this past December. [Side note: am I the only one who finds zippers to be the Achilles heel of too many jackets? I have another broken-zippered coat in my trunk, hoping Michael Koors gives me a refund!]

Anyway, my local dry cleaner said it would cost $40 to replace said zipper, commenting that it ‘wasn’t worth it’. I thought about it, then respectfully disagreed – asking her to please order a black zipper and even give it its first dry cleaning (it seemed only right). I literally hugged the garment happily on my way back to the car when I got my treasured fleece back a week later. And I am now (literally, right now, as I type this) back to wearing my nightly wardrobe staple – the freshly cleaned, newly refurbished San Francisco fleece jacket … the best $70 I ever spent?

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