American Idol is back!!!!!

Is anyone as excited as me about American Idol coming back on?!!!


I started watching back in 2011 – when a lot of people were moving on to other things. (Typical of my weird, ‘late to the party,’ timing. I started appreciating Bob Dylan in the ‘90s, after I got used to his voice, then came to love it.)

IMG_0788Rocker James Durbin – who bared his soul, shared his emotional issues and turned them into heartbreaking, celebratory, ‘leave it all on the stage’ performances every time – will always be my favorite from that year and every year since. His range was crazy good – like a rock-and-roll version of Julie Andrews. And I still think he should have come in at least top three that year so he could have enjoyed the homecoming celebrations (though fourth place still launched his music career).

Anyway, his picture’s on my cubicle wall at work. And here are the top five reasons my admiration of American Idol continues to run deep:

  1. The range of talent is mind blowing
  2. The advice judges give transcends how to ‘become a star’ – it’s about how to sing out, shine and live, and I think about it a lot, like:
    • You can’t just ‘phone it in’ – it has to be real, you have to know what you’re singing about, and people have to feel and believe you
    • Don’t give it all away right away – start subtly then build things up later, with nuances like key changes and ‘runs’
    • Don’t copy someone else – it’s not about imitation, it’s about being and sharing YOU
  3. Call me naïve, but the judges themselves seem emotionally invested
  4. I’m also a huge Ryan Seacrest fan – he is beyond personable and the glue that holds it all together
  5. These days especially – with the world scary like it often is – it’s a true ‘TV happiness remedy’ for me that’s all about music (of course), but also inspiration, talent, perseverance, mentorship and fun.

My other top TV escape mechanisms: HGTV (especially House Hunters, House Hunters International and Fixer Upper; Hallmark movies and series (subject of an upcoming blog – wait for it!); Jeopardy (which I continue to be obsessed with, although I’m the worst player ever); Late Show with Stephen Colbert (who filters the scary news in palatable, often hysterical ways); and, This Is Us (not ‘happy’ at all really, but a mini-masterpiece about people, feelings, diversity, relationships, acceptance, inspiration and respect, every episode).

Too soon to say for sure, but I hope this year lives up  … though I do miss wonderful judges Jennifer (Lopez),  Keith (Urban) and Harry (Connick Jr.) I think it’s off to a pretty good start.

My next blog later this week: ‘Books for thought at the Elwood Public Library bookclub.’


5 thoughts on “American Idol is back!!!!!

  1. Hi Ellen! Glad you are back from vacation in FL to the Space Center. I am anxiously awaiting your next blog on Books for thought at the Elwood Public Library Books for thought. This months selection I am just finishing, and what a hard book it was to read regarding the ladies whom worked at the US Radium Corporation. I found it agonizing to get through, but.a great read. Have a great day, and I’ll talk to you soon. Your friend, Linda 🙂


  2. Thanks Linda! Excited about our book club blog too, which is loaded up and I should be ‘pushing the button’ Friday evening.


  3. Ellen, great blog. I used to watch Idol but now I’m a Voice fan. At first, Idol was good in giving contestants constructive advice and sometimes saying what others were thinking-don’t quit your day job. But the years of mean judges and comments was too much. I like that the Voice is a blind audition . Judges are really listening to the singer and song.


    1. I’ve actually been known to watch The Voice sometimes too. But I only started watching Idol when they got past most of that negative, ‘humiliation’ stuff … which I didn’t care for either …


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