Welcome to my first blog!

“Sometimes I wonder where I’ve been. Who I am. Do I fit in? …”
(Out Here on My Own – song from the movie Fame, 1980).

Am I the only one who thinks in music and lyrics, and movies and books? Gets excited when I catch my digital watch reading 12:34.56? Looks at paintings, imagining which I’d like to live in (like on Mary Poppins)? Loves to sing to my cats?

Who would rather play bocce at lunch than go for dinner and drinks?

– Remembers conversations for decades but can’t always recall names, places, dates, even where I parked my car?
– Finds inspiration in romantic comedies, old sitcoms, family dramas and anyone who isn’t afraid to be their vulnerable selves?

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Welcome to my blog – a hodgepodge of topics from music and movies to family life and book reviews. People say I’m enthusiastic … sometimes as a compliment, sometimes not. But that’s just me. And I’m enthusiastic about sharing stories on my dad and his violin; why happiness matters; how I try, like most of us, to be the best person I can be. (At age 50+, that’s still a learning curve I’m excited to be on.)

I’ll reveal some ‘quirks,’ like the fact that being a ‘closet organizer’ (double entendres intended) definitely excites me too much. That I still wear an old-school pedometer. That I buy CDs to listen to start to finish (no iPod, no music on my phone).

Or that decades past childhood, there’s still nothing ‘funner’ than riding my bicycle, buying new sneakers, thinking of new ways to help (or at least, amuse) people around me.

I plan to blog at least once a week. Next up … Nikes and Reeboks and Vans, oh my … How Ellen DeGeneres inspired my sneaker obsession.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my first blog!

  1. Yay, Ellen! Congratulations on your blog. Your new year is off to a great start! I look forward to reading your entries throughout the year. Helps to shrink the distance between us (come visit Arkansas sometime so you can write about the Natural State!)


    1. Thanks Carol … you’re my first (great) comment! I believe there’s a ‘Follow’ button right on my blog site and if you just fill in your email address you can be one of my first followers too (and automatically get emails when I publish each new blog post). Thanks again for your comment and I do hope to take you up on the visit offer one day!


  2. Hi Ellen, I am totally unsure about how to do this but I want to try and leave you a message on your blog that I am happy you have a blog. I am soooo into my cat and I am happy to say she is my sole companion since my recent divorce . She is the best company to me especially in these drastically cold temperatures. I had such an excellent read recently. The book is called The Stranger In the Woods. by Michael Finkel. I totally could not put this book down because I could not believe it was a true story. Oh well, we will be discussing it at the Elwood Library in 2 nights, so I will talk to you about it then. Caio for now, Ellen. Your devoted friend, Linda


    1. I am so happy to hear that you like the blog Linda. I’m sorry about your difficult times but can totally relate about your cat. The amazing (almost eerie) thing is I’ve been thinking all weekend about a blog post I plan to write in the next week or two about the importance of cats, in my family, and as constant true, NECESSARY companions. I am also literally sitting here reading the last page of The Stranger in the Woods book and I feel the same way about that too (so did my mom, her friend Sheri and my son Dan, who are all cat lovers too). And I plan to do a post on our great little book club too, which I adore. Look forward to connecting in person but, without wanting to sound trite, promise, we are on the same page and I am thinking about you and hoping things get easier.


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