Three Positive Things – May 2021

Picture-Perfect Poodle Puppy Fun (Sorry, couldn’t resist the alliterative headline!) We ventured away from Long Island for one of the few times since the start of the pandemic and had such a wonderful time recently, remarking on the freedom of crossing the Whitestone Bridge to distant lands. Well, just to Yonkers, which is a little … Continue reading Three Positive Things – May 2021

Ellen DeGeneres & my sneaker obsession

Nikes & Reeboks & Vans, oh my ... I've always been a Tomboy. Still am, if that means staying active, playing sports, shunning makeup for the most part, and running around in sneakers and casual clothes. Back in the '70s as a teen, when male teen idols like my first crush, David Cassidy,* wore 'long shag' … Continue reading Ellen DeGeneres & my sneaker obsession